Baltona sponsors the Onet’s website cultural awards „O!Lśnienia”

Approaching the next anniversary of our company, we have made small summaries that show that not so long ago, Baltona, who was in a crisis, was able to rise thanks to the support of others and their belief in the possibility of our success. Following this trail and wanting to pass the received support further into the world, we decided to sponsor the gala „O!Lśnienia”, run by the well-known Polish portal Onet.

The main goal of one of the most prestigious plebiscites in Poland is to select the artistic event of the past year. The people nominated for the award are the creators whose freshness, talent and workshop have been dazzled by critics and experts. Voting lasts from 9.02.2018 to 27.02.2018 on the website: We encourage you to vote for your favorites!

At the same time, we invite you to watch the „Rezerwacje” – program in which our CEO – Mr. Piotr Kazimierski talks about the plebiscite and our involvement in this event –