1993 – trade activity commenced at the International Okęcie Airport in Warsaw, in the free customs zone.
The 1990’s are one of the more difficult periods in Baltona’s history. The change of economic regime in Poland largely influenced in the functioning of the company. The laws of the free market caused the emergence of small private companies as well as entering the Polish market of foreign stores, with which Baltona competed.
However, with the development of airports, building new terminals, Baltona developed, as well. The experience of Baltona gained in the Duty Free, public networks and long-term partnerships with brands allowed the company to the rapid development of free customs zones at the airports. The stores were established at the airports in Gdańsk, Katowice, Kraków and Poznań.
Pozyskanie powierzchni handlowych na lotniskach:

1994 – Gdańsk
1996 – Katowice
1998 – Kraków
1999 – Poznań