1961 agreement with PLL “LOT”, with which Baltona undertook to supply LOT ships with imported, consumed and sold goods.
In addition to its current operations, Baltona had the right, with the consent of the Minister of Foreign Trade, to sell tourists at border crossing points and passengers at airports and airplanes and to sailors of the fishing and trade fleet within the so-called internal sailing export.

  • 1963 – started to sell at the border crossing by ferry in Świnoujście.
  • 1964 – new directions of foreign exchange sale were opened at the crossing points in Świecko and Kołbaskowo for foreigners arriving in Poland for tourist or commercial purposes .
  • 1965 – was the year of purchase a store at Okęcie Airport from PKO Bank (sale at foreign exchange).
  • 1967 – „Baltona” przejęła od PLL „LOT” sprzedaż towarów podróżnym na pokładach samolotów pasażerskich w komunikacji międzynarodowej.
  • 1968 – re-started of sale at foreign currency for Polish sailors (called the “Internal Sailing Export”) in the network of special stores. For this purpose, sales outlets in Gdynia, Gdańsk, Szczecin and Świnoujście were opened.