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The term Baltona refers to all the subsidiaries in the Baltona capital group. For more information about the Baltona capital group, please visit




All messages and files sent from the domain,;,, @baltona.local,, and also those sent by employees, service providers and other persons on behalf of Baltona (hereinafter “E-mail Messages”) constitute confidential information and are intended solely for their addressees. Persons who are not the addressees of the correspondence should not distribute or copy it. If it can be concluded from the message that it was sent by mistake, please notify the system administrator and the sender and then delete the message together with all its attachments.





Email Messages are not legally binding contracts or commercial offers unless expressly indicated
to that effect in the sent message or document.
If a statement of will is signed with a qualified electronic signature, it constitutes a statement of will made in writing.





We exercise our best efforts to ensure that the sent Email Messages are free from errors and viruses. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, the data contained in the E-mail Messages can be damaged or intercepted. Therefore, the recipient should check the Email Messages for risks, using appropriate software. Baltona shall not be liable for any damage caused by displaying the content E-mail Messages as well as for any errors or omissions that arose as a result of sending mail electronically.


In connection with the intention to use the website, including contact forms, the user hereby acknowledges that the Internet is not a completely secure way of communication and any information which they send using that website may not be fully secured. Electronic communications are at risk of interference by third parties. Actions are constantly being taken to increase the security of website communication and to improve the use of the website, however, due to the specificity of electronic systems, it is not possible to eliminate the risk of interference by third parties. The risk of using the electronic form of communication shall be borne exclusively by the user.





E-mail Messages are of a business nature, therefore the correspondence can be controlled and read by the sender’s supervisor to ensure the proper performance of responsibilities and to enable supervision over the tasks performed. Notwithstanding the foregoing, any information, opinions or requests contained in the E-mail Messages which do not relate to Baltona’s official business activity or position will not be understood as sent or approved by any subsidiary from the Baltona Capital Group. Baltona’s employees, service providers and business partners are required to comply with the law and not to use defamatory or offensive expressions. The expressions contained in the E-mail Messages are the opinions of their authors and do not always reflect the opinions of Baltona, therefore, in the event of any damage or obligations, employees are fully liable for the content of the E-mail Message.





If referring to Baltona’s technical, technological, organizational information or containing other information of economic value which as a whole or in a particular combination and collection of its elements is not commonly known to persons usually dealing with this type of information or is not easily accessible to such persons, the data included in Email Messages are confidential business information. Any dissemination, modification or copying of these data without prior written consent is unlawful and may constitute an act of unfair competition and may constitute a basis for pursuing claims for breach of confidential business information.

Confidential business information may, in particular, include documents such as a report, business plan, commercial plans, development plans, analysis, study, research results, strategy, procedure, financial or tax report, budget, accounting, commercial report, project, template, sample, technological process, information about negotiations with customers and suppliers, databases, details of contracts, information about employees or co-workers, software of program-controlled devices and products created this way, including but not limited to digital files, printouts, procedures, algorithms, recipes, formulas or improvements, know-how, procedures used, any part or phrase thereof which will be communicated in the E-mail Messages.





The materials contained in the E-mail Messages and posted on Baltona’s website are protected by copyright and all rights in them are reserved.
The graphic symbols found on Baltona’s website and sent in E-mail Messages including but not limited to Baltona, Marynarz, Coffee Corner, Coffee Express, Starter, Travel Chef, Cavarious Cafe, Spirit of Poland, ZOOM, have been registered by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland (UP RP) and/or the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and/or the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). They are the property of Baltona. Any use, in whole or in part, of the trademarks described above, as well as any other materials available on Baltona’s website (including but not limited to texts, HTML codes), is prohibited in any form, except with the prior written consent of the relevant subsidiary from the Baltona capital group.





For information regarding the principles of personal data protection and their processing in the Baltona capital group, please visit . Please read it carefully.





Baltona shall not be liable for the up-to-dateness, accuracy and completeness of the information presented on Baltona’s website. Baltona shall not bear the risk associated with the use of information posted on the website.
The above terms and conditions have been constructed on the basis of Polish law, however, they remain in full legal force in every other legal system. If any of the above provisions turn out to be unenforceable or invalid, they will be interpreted to reflect the intentions of the authors as fully as possible while the remaining provisions will apply in full force and effect.
The provisions contained in this website can be amended at any time through the posting of their updated version.