W In 1973 the famous logo of Baltona, a Sailor and vouchers for shopping were produced. The designs were developed by a famous graphic artist, Barbara Kowalska.
Baltona strengthened its direct export activities to the duty free zones, using the whole warehouse and transport warehouse facilities for ship owners. Direct supply of goods was carried out with simultaneous supply of ship owners, and therefore no additional costs were necessary for this type of activity. For direct exports to the free zones, the primary form of acquisition was through the agency network, working on the basis of an agreement with Baltona, with its registered offices in the following countries.

  • Norway – J.W. Holst, Oslo acted as a sales representative in the Norwegian harbours, mainly in Oslo. It was an agent supplying mainly food products.
  • Italy – R. Valentino, Rome, a sales representative for the Italian harbours. It was an agent selling frozen meat, poultry, cheese, eggs.
  • N.R.F – Leo Adams, an agent selling processed fruit and vegetable products.
  • The Netherlands – Bols, Amsterdam, a sales representative selling vodka.
  • Gibraltar – Carreras, an agent selling frozen meat.
  • India – During this period, there was also a significant expansion of the assortment in particular product categories, inter alia textiles and clothing department. Baltona began to attach more importance to foreign travels, which allowed it to learn new trends in fashion, production and research of competitive companies on new markets. Baltona imported clothing, inter alia, from Italy, the UK and the Netherlands.